Best And Trendy Asian Brands

Best And Trendy Asian Brands

There are billions of people in Asia. Asia is home to two of the most densely populated countries on the entire planet. Therefore brands see it as an opportunity to make some profits by providing services by means of clothing to this endless number of people. This year indeed has seen an enormous boom in Asian brands rising and rapidly growing; this is undoubtedly a good thing because these brands are not too expensive when it comes to pricing. So they are aiming to provide even for the middle-class section of the society. Global expansion has also been one of their priorities; they have mainly captured the attention of the millennials and GEN Z with their sense of taste and also the kind of marketing they do. I have listed out some of these brands; you should surely check them out:

3CE (3 Concept Eyes)


3CE (3 Concept Eyes) is deemed the most instagrammable cosmetic brand out there. It was initially launched in the year 2009, and I is a very popular Korean label and is also one of the most playful and youngest brands, which is getting some recognition. Most of their products are geared towards the younger population, (the GEN Z and the Millennials) from product design to the distribution. All of their products are available online and offline as well and is mainly distributed through E-commerce and also some specialty retailers.

Charles & Keith is a fashion retail brand that primarily specializes in women’s accessories and also footwear. They have surely achieved a lot of success internationally as well over the years. They have a spot in large malls in multiple countries. They are homegrown on Singaporean shores and was first started in the year 1996 by two brothers. They have around 450 stores all around the world. Their main focus has been in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. They offer some very high-quality accessories and footwear at an affordable price.

Japanese based

Miniso – The Japanese based variety store which is a low-cost retailer and also a chain brand. It is barely known in the west, but the success of this brand in other parts of the planet is indeed not negligible. They recently opened their 2600th store, and they did this in less than 5 years. They have billions of dollars worth in sales. They have also agreed to strategically open more stores in 70 countries and regions, including Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. The company was recently born in the year 2013, and their success is because they boast a modern-ish design which people can get at a lower price compared to the competitors. They aim to open 10,000 stores by the year 2022.


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