Skincare And Grooming: Asian Men

Skincare And Grooming: Asian Men

More than enough has been talked about skincare for a woman’s skin, but not much is ever spoken about the same for a man’s skin. Men’s skin is obviously different from a woman’s skin. It is indeed thicker and produces more sebum. When not taken care of, you may notice a man’s skin get a leathery appearance to it. Areas of the body where men have to shave regularly will be subjected to more and more friction and therefore are vulnerable and sensitive as well. Just like how men’s and women’s skins are different, there is a lot of difference between Asian skin and Caucasian skin. Multiple dermatologists have confirmed that Asian men have more oily skin when compared to Caucasians. I have listed out some products that Asian men should use to help with their skin:


A cleanser: This can be construed as one of the most essential steps when it comes to skincare. A basic routine starts with a good cleanser, and one of those is highly recommended. The skin is exposed to all sorts of toxic impurities from the environment, and therefore a cleanser is needed to strip the skin off all these impure pollutants. A simple wash in the shower will surely not cut it; therefore, you should use products that can help with cleaning the skin. You need to choose one that has some deep-cleansing capabilities of pores and also control the oil on your skin.


A moisturizer can go miles when it comes to helping dry skin. When skin is dry, it is vulnerable to all kinds of issues. Shaving is one of the main reasons for skin becoming flaky and dry as well;  moisturizer can surely help in alleviating some discomfort and even prevent the further loss of moisture from your skin. It is crucial that you find a good moisturizer that is right for your skin. When you do, stick to it. There is nothing wrong in trying new ones but keep the good one in mind. It is also essential that you don’t choose one that makes your skin oily and sticky. Nivea and Dove have some creative options that you will love.


Shaving foam also plays an important role when it comes to skin care because the average Asian male shaves at least once every 2 days. Choose a good quality shaving foam, Gillette works best, speaking from personal experience. It nourishes your skin and also gives it a pleasant fragrance.


Use a good quality sunscreen if you live in a very sunny place. Check the SPF levels and use them. Wait for your moisturizer to settle before you put on sunscreen. Use conventional deodorants that make you smell good and ones that will allow your skin to breathe. Nivea has a couple of good options.


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